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Delgado convinces Cookie to stay in bed with him for 3 days, where they work and play. Cookie also comes up with the idea to have a big summer concert.

Jamal reaches out to Cookie for help with a song and she obliges. They later meet for dinner and then go back to Lyon Dynasty to record his song. When Hakeem shows up the next morning, Jamal has to sneak out. 

During an Empire meeting, Lucious spurns Andre on a music streaming idea and sides with Mimi instead. He tasks Andre with getting a gang injunction against Frida thrown out, while he and Mimi work on merging with the second largest music streaming company. 

Delgado suggests a park for Cookie to use for her concert, but tells her they will need to go to the men who kidnapped Hakeem for protection. 

After a Mirage-á-Trois performance showcases Laura's timidness, Cookie tells Hakeem that Carmen should be the lead. Instead, Hakeem enlists Tiana's help in making Laura more comfortable. He also takes her to a crowded outdoor venue where she sings in front of a crowd. 

Lucious has flashbacks to his childhood where he remembers hiding bullets from his mother so she couldn't play russian roulette. He eventually takes the gun his mother used and incorporates it into a song he's collaborating on with Frida. 

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Empire Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Listen, babe, you are a legit mogul, alright? You don't have to get out of bed to run your dynasty.

Delgado [to Cookie]

Cookie: You know, Lyon Dynasty is right around the corner if you wanna lay something down.
Jamal: Dad would be so pissed. I don't even care. Let's go!