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The Lyon and Dubois families meet to discuss Bella being taken by child protective services. Diana denies having anything to do with it, but the Lyons don't believe her. Hakeem, Anika and Thirsty go to child protective services to pick up Bella only to find out that she has gone missing within the system. 

Thirstyt ells the Lyons they'll have a hard time getting Bella back because many of them will be seen as unfit guardians. Lucious urges everyone to get their lives back on track so they can be a good family for Bella. 

Jamal tells Lucious he loves the first mix of the song they recorded together for Inferno. Lucious wants to remix it with a young rapper but Jamal is reluctant.

Cookie and Andre meet with Shyne about the Vegas deal. Cookie asks Shyne to look into getting Bella back. Andre and Shyne butt heads. 

Jamal shows up at the studio to find out that the young rapper Lucious brought in was recently shot. The rapper performs despite his wounds bleeding through his shirt. Jamal makes Lucious listen to his version of the song. Everyone else in the studio is impressed with Jamal's version. 

Andre violently confronts Anika about her having pushed Rhonda down the stairs. Cookie and Andre meet with Marcone and propose When Cookie Met Lucious to replace the Inferno show. But when Cookie suggest that Lucious still be involved, Andre blows up. 

Hakeem livestreams about Bella being taken and gets his followers to rally behind him. Diana tells Angelo she had nothing to do with Bella being taken. Hakeem's followers show up to demand Bella back from the Dubois family.

Andre accuses Cookie of letting herself be controlled by Lucious. Nessa tries to confront Cookie, but Cookie slaps her. 

Leah shows Lucious pictures of his father and tells him he did a good job bringing Jamal into the world. Lucious brings Jamal into the studio to show him the pictures and agrees to do the song Jamal's way. He acknowledges that Jamal's music will be the new legacy of Empire. 

Andre brings Hakeem to meet with Cookie and Shyne, who tell him they're going to get Bella back. Shyne and Cookie go into the back of the laundromat, where Shyne's henchman are beating up Angelo. Angelo denies having anything to do with Bella's disappearance. Cookie tells him to get the information out of his mother. 

Cookie tells Lucious she thinks Angelo is innocent in Bella's disappearance. She also tells him that When Cookie Met Lucious needs to be the show that seals the Vegas deal, but Giuliana insists it has to be Inferno. Cookie is furious when Lucious takes Giuliana's side.

Nessa confronts Andre  and storms out. While Diana tends Angelo's wounds, she reveals that she has Bella. 

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Empire Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

You know all those things your mama said about me, being ghetto and hood? She was right.

Cookie [to Angelo]

Cookie [to Lucious]: I did seventeen years for you.
Giuliana: Thank you for that. But I'll take it from here.