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Lucious makes Anika head of Shyne's A&R.

Someone has hacked into the Empire music server and leaked Tiana's demo record.

Andre and Hakeem get into a minor argument in the studio over Nessa, and Andre tells Hakeem that he better watch it. 

Empire's emails are hacked and someone blackmails Lucious telling him that they want a million dollars wired to an off shore account every hour. 

Lucious blackmails the board members on his staff who want to pay the ransom money to the person blackmailing Empire. 

The hackers are taking more than emails. Jamal's tracks that he has been working on are being erased. 

Cookie breaks things off with Angelo. 

The investigation on who hacked Empire comes to an end when they find out that Gram was the one who hacked Empire. Lucious and Andre head over his house with Shyne to teach him a lesson. 

Jamal who is still suffering from his PTSD relapses and takes the pain medication after D-Major tells him that she should. 

Jamal blacked out on the pain medication and the alcohol. Derek wakes up to Jamal laying there lifeless.

Cookie admits her love for Angelo in her apartment as he is being interviewed by reporters. He takes off his shirt to prove that everyone deserves the right to privacy and if Cookie can't have that right, then why should he?

Gram isn't the one who hacked Empire, It was Vaughan and Andre to get more recognition and stakes in the company. 


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Empire Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Shyne is a definite suspect, but this is way too complicated for his ass and I don't like to put nothing past the FBI cause they love to play dirty.


Shyne: I guess what they say is true. The camera does add ten pounds.
Cookie: Well then what is your excuse fat ass?