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Lucious has a medical emergency. Jamal is planning the first music video for his new album when Cookie announces that they're shooting the video right away so they can release a teaser on Empire Xstream while Lucious is still sick in bed.

Kennedy announces she's suing Empire after getting assaulted at Hakeem's birthday party. Nessa and Andre meet with Giuliana. Giuliana reveals to Nessa that Andre told her he and Nessa have an open relationship. 

On the set of Jamal's video, Cookie remembers how Lucious' music first made her feel. Thirsty calls the family to Lucious' bedside to discuss Kennedy's lawsuit. Thirsty threatens Anika if she doesn't deliver Tariq the way she promised. 

Anika reminds Lucious that they never signed a pre-nup as she squeezes his oxygen tube. Lucious pulls out a gun after she leaves. 

Giuliana brings Andre to meet Gino Marcone and discuss getting Empire a casino license in Vegas. Shyne and his crew show up to intimidate Gino. Anika asks Cookie to look after Bella if anything that happens to her. 

Angelo is upset that Jamal's music video about Cookie and Lucious came out on the day of the primary. Cookie remembers when her ex-boyfriend Barry confronted her while she was waiting to do a drug deal for Lucious. Jamal and D-Major argue about their relationship. 

Kennedy and her lawyer meet with Hakeem and Thirsty. Thirsty uses Kennedy's past to blame her for what happened at the party. Hakeem tells Cookie and Jamal that he wants to do the right thing by Kennedy.

After Jamal tells Hakeem that his music glorifies victim blaming, they decide Hakeem should record a new pro-woman song and release it on Jamal's Empire Xstream channel.

Andre is furious that Hakeem admitted guilt over what happened to Kennedy live on Empire Xstream. Andre wants to schedule a board meeting without Lucious, but Lucious invites everyone to meet in his bedroom instead. 

Andre proposed the Vegas deal to the board. Despite the board's enthusiasm, Lucious refuses to do business in Vegas and tries to fire Andre. However, no one else on the board will support him. 

Nessa confronts Andre about the lies he told Giuliana. Angelo wins the primary but his victory speech is interrupted by Lucious, who plays a song he wrote for Cookie. Giuliana shows up and asks Lucious to play the song he wrote for her. Lucious threatens to kill her. 

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Empire Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

The song isn't about love at first sight. It's about a lifetime.


Hakeem: Does he have ALS again?
Andre: That's not how ALS works, Hakeem.