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Lucious is trying to buy Cookie's loyalty by giving her gifts. 

Jamal agrees to go to an event against Cookie's advice as this would draw the family into the spotlight; they already have the FBI against them they don't need a politician sticking his nose where it does not belong.

Lucious plans on releasing Jamal's album even though he does not want to release the album. 

Lucious agrees to underwrite the summit for the fight against anti-violence. 

Andre is going down a dark path trying to cope with the loss of Rhonda. He is hallucinating hearing her, seeing her, and as he starts to unravel. 

Cookie makes threats towards the Angelo Dubois, the politician who is in charge of the Summit that Jamal has arranged. 

Cookie comforts Andre who is having a hard time dealing with everything, and she tells him that he will overcome everything because he is a fighter. 

Jamal is the guest of honor at the summit for gun control. As Angelo is talking it brings up flashes for Cookie about Lucious and how they first met. 

Lucious catches Jamal off guard when he asks him to perform and he has another panic attack as he walks off. 

Jamal admits he has a problem and does not want to get on the stage anymore. 

Lucious gives Angelo the cold shoulder after he flirts with Cookie. 

Becky is given the opportunity to work for a different record company, but can she betray Lucious?

Tariq is seen in flashbacks hanging out with Lucious.

Lucious and Anika find Tariq's camera in Bella's bear. 

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Empire Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

I don't trust polite people, stupid!


He wouldn't know streets if it shot him in the ass.