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Cookie and her sisters arrive at Laviticus Las Vegas. Giuliana and Lucious toast the venue with Charlotte. They see Cookie on the security cameras and have her thrown out, but not before she causes a big scene. 

Two weeks earlier, the Lyons vow to help Hakeem get Bella back. Lucious volunteers to track down someone who can help them find Bella. 

Giuliana and Lucious meet with the gaming commissioner, Charlotte, who reveals she is Mormon. Thirsty butts heads with Giuliana, who tells Lucious she doesn't trust him. Lucious fires Thirsty on the spot. 

Jamal rehearses songs for From When Cookie Met Lucious. Lucious walks in with a new PR rep, who tells Jamal and Cookie they should put off the release of Jamal's album for a few months so that it doesn't distract from Inferno and vice versa. Cookie is furious, especially when Lucious reveals that Giuliana recommended the new PR rep.

Thirsty tells Cookie that Lucious fired him. Cookie invites him over to her house to meet with Andre, Hakeem, Jamal and Shyne. Shyne refuses to work with Andre and storms out, and eventually the others leave too, leaving Cookie alone with Thirsty. 

Lucious tracks down Tariq and asks him to find Bella. Thirsty plans a heist at the casino with Cookie, Candace, Carol and Becky so that they can steal Giuliana's ledgers. Becky is dismayed to learn she has to crack the safe.

Tariq brings a man to meet Lucious who may have forged the documents for Bella to be taken. They beat him up for answers. Becky practices cracking the safe and eventually succeeds. 

Cookie and her sisters arrive at Lavititcus Las Vegas with the rest of their allies planted around the casino. Cookie causes a scene while Candace and her husband ask to see the vaults so they can put their gambling winnings someplace safe. Andre confronts Lucious in the casino. 

Giuliana takes Candace's husband down to see the vaults. Using surveillance, Thirsty reports the code for the vault to Becky. However, Carol is unable to distract the guard long enough for Becky to get by. They switch places and have Becky seduce the guard while Carol tries to crack the safe. 

Carol successfully cracks the safe and finds enough fraudulent reporting in Giuliana's ledgers to get her license revoked. Cookie takes the ledgers to Charlotte, but is disappointed when Lucious gives Charlotte a big payoff to forget about it.

After Cookie and Lucious leave Andre comes out of hiding and seduces Charlotte. Jamal tells Cookie he's going to put off the release of his album to join Lucious' show in Vegas. Cookie storms out. 

Tariq tracks down Bella at the Dubois house. Andre and Cookie plot against Lucious. Just as Tariq is about to tell Lucious where he found Bella, Leah stabs him in the neck and kills him. 

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Empire Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

You have the chill disposition we need so you will crack the safe, Becky.


You're the one who wanted to have this little sisterhood of the traveling attitude on the road!

Thirsty [to Cookie]