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Lucious and Giuliana arrive in Vegas. Lucious calls Leah, who is annoyed that Lucious has her under lock and key after she killed Tariq. 

Jamal begs Cookie to come see him perform in Lucious' Inferno show, but Cookie reminds him that Giuliana got her banned from Leviticus Vegas. 

Hakeem organizes his entourage to rally for Bella's return. Anika tries to get him to calm down. Leah calls and demands that Anika get her things out of the house.

Charlotte warns Giuliana and Lucious that if there is any ruckus during Inferno's opening night, they'll be banned from Vegas. Andre and Shyne plot to kill Lucious with a bomb at Leviticus Vegas.

Leah convinces Anika to use the same letter opener Leah used to kill Tariq to open her mail. Lucious tells Cookie he got her invited to the opening night of Inferno after all, but insists that she can't be backstage with him. 

Jamal and Becky go with their friends to open mic night at Leviticus New York. An attractive lawyer sings a cover of one of Jamal's songs. Hakeem follows Anika to the Dubois house and demands to see Bella. Diana lets him see her, but demands that he tells his family Bella is safe with Anika and wait to hear what to do next. 

Andre and Charlotte sneak into a storage space to hook up. Andre tells her he made a video of the last time they fooled around. 

Lucious tells Giuliana that he loves Cookie, not her, and reveals that the paperwork she signed gave Leviticus entirely to him. Cookie is surprised when the show begins with Jamal performing When Cookie Met Lucious.

Cookie calls Andre and demand that he call off Shyne and his gang. Lucious goes onstage to perform a song for Cookie from When Cookie Met Lucious. 

The attractive man from the open mic night is revealed to be a member of the Dubois family, plotting with Diana and Angelo. Hakeem tells his family that Bella is safe and sound and Anika's parents' house. 

Leah calls Anika and confirms her hotel room. The police show up and arrest Anika for Tariq's murder.

Lucious and Cookie run into Cookie's ex-boyfriend, Barry, and his wife on vacation. Barry and his wife are both doctors, celebrating early retirement. Inspired, Lucious tells Cookie he wants to give their relationship a shot again. 

Cookie and Lucious tell their sons they are going to step down from the day-to-day operations of Empire so that they can spend time together just being happy. Lucious gives Andre the keys to his office and tells him he's the new CEO.

Andre runs out and tells Shyne they need to call off the plot against Lucious. Shyne pulls a gun on him. Andre gets away and runs out to warn Cookie and Lucious about the bomb planted in their car. Lucious pushes Cookie out of the way just as the car explodes.

The Lyons gather around a comatose Lucious in his hospital bed. Cookie confronts Lucious' nurse about the fact that Lucious has been in a coma for three months. Lucious' eyes finally open, but he doesn't recognize any of them.

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Empire Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

I'm worried about Jamal and his PTSD. But if I can live through bipolar, he can live through this.

Andre [to Shyne]

I'm not having an episode. I put steel in the skull of your enemy!

Leah [to Lucious]