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Jamal goes to meetings for his PTSD.

Lucious wants to release his Album against his wishes.

Gram does a duet with Tiana and gets Hakeem Jealous.

Cookie sets up the opportunity of a lifetime for Jamal as he is about to embark on tour with pop star Kitty (Mariah Carey).

Lucious offer's recording contract to one of Angelo's students just to make Angelo mad. He believes that there talent is so much more than a recording contract with Empire.

Lucious takes the boys back to their hometown to teach them a lesson about where they came from. He doesn't want them to forget what made them who they are.

Lucious is pushing Hakeem to not only be a better rapper but to be a better man and father.

Anika threatens Lucious by throwing the fact that he needed this marriage to stay out of prison. She wants to do what she wants when she wants and he is not going to stop her.

Jamal and Kitty sing a duet and blow everyone away!

Cookie derails Lucious plan by ripping up the contract that Lucious offered to Angelo's student. She tells him that in four years after he graduates college and is still serious about music then he can come to them.

Lucious reveals the black album which is half of Jamal's album. He cuts all the songs cookie produced from the album and releases it against Jamal's wishes after he promised to kill the album.

Tariq is behind Andre's charges to get back at Lucious.

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Empire Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

I'm a CFO of a public corporation. I'm not going to fight fire with fire.


Keep putting your back into that work of yours.