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The family assembled to run down the looming threat of Diana. Andre lashed out at Pamela when he learned that Diana was after him. 

Andre tried to find out whether she was one of Diana's goons, but lied about her existence to his family. 

Pamela was upset about the way he treated her, but said she was hurting. Andre confided that he was the one who put the bomb in the car. 

Pamela then revealed that she was undercover from Vegas and that he was under arrest. There was a scuffle and he killed her. 

Cookie and Lucious realized Andre was worse and that he had made up what happened with Pamela. This made them even madder. 

Cookie visited Warren to get some of the charges on Jamal dropped and Warren agreed. 

Cookie visited Diana and decided to throw her grandmother's ring out into the road to get her men in trouble. 

Hakeem helped Jamal make sense of what happened and even cut Warren out of one of the firm's biggest songs. 

Tiana lashed out at Hakeem for dragging her singing abilities. 

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Empire Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

When a family is in crisis, they come together.


Diana: So, the next thing you need to do is schedule my photoshoot for the captain's fall promo.
Cookie: You need to schedule two appointments, one for each of your faces.