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Cookie continued the search for Maya and found her at a ballerina school. She offers her an audition at Tiana's new video. 

The kid is ecstatic, but learns the true extent of what Cookie is up to and shuts her down, saying that her mother was a violent killer who was addicted to drugs. 

Eddie tried to get Lucious and the Lyons kicked out of Empire, but Lucious got him back by bringing his three ex-wives to Leviticus and causing a scene. 

Cookie then showed him all the documents they had on him, and Eddie decided to leave. However, he joined forces with Anika and the two decided to destroy the family ... for good. 

Jamal and Tory went to try and get an artist to perform with him, but the man did no like what Jamal stood for. 

However, he later admitted he was in the wrong and that he would give his music a shot. 

Cookie had flashbacks of when she met her mother in prison and the hold on her the woman had. 


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Empire Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Lucious: What are you doing next to my wife's bed?
Thirsty: Come on, boss. I was just checking out the duvet.

Lucious: Rest!
Cookie: Okay, bye-bye.