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The Lyons scrambled to try and get the money to buy back Empire, but when they went into the meeting, Cookie handed over an envelope offering $0 for the company. 

Eddie was handed the company, and Lucious fumed because he did not know about what Cookie was willing to do. 

He raged that Cookie had no right to make the decision for him, but she countered that she did not need him going to jail. 

Cookie said that the family can rebuild a new Empire that will give them all some control, and that it was time to move on. 

Jamal was shocked to learn that Tori had died after another overdose, and told his family that he was moving away to start anew because he was done putting others before himself. 

He moved to London and looked at a young singer who was hitting all the high notes. 

At a press conference, Andre admitted that Anika had won the war and that he was ready to move on with his life. He gave her a drink and she started to hallucinate that Rhonda was asking her questions. 

Anika fell over a glass banister and on to a glass table, before dying an epic death. 

Meanwhile, Tiana told Hakeem she was pregnant with his child, before the pair, Bella and Blake went to leave the apartment and were cornered by Blake's dad. Three shots rang out and the scene cut to black. 

Cookie and Lucious got married at City Hall.


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Empire Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Will your new CEO pass a drug test?


Eddie's going to pin Shine's murder on me. I've decided I'm going to turn myself in.