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Treasure's manage returns, seeking money because of the way Lucious strongarmed him, and Lucious agreed to hand up $30k. 

Treasure had a mishap while on tour and tried to have sex with Lucious to repay him, but Cookie catches them. 

She storms straight to Damon's hotel room to have sex with him, while Terry calls Lucious to let him know about Andre's cancer diagnosis. 

Meanwhile, Jamal performed a song about love, and was blindsided when Kai actually showed up at his hotel room in the dead of night. 

They're back on!

Blake tried to get closer to Tiana, but she got drunk and wound up having sex with Carlito. 

Blake turned to Maya and had sex with her instead. 

Away from the hotel, Treasure's manager showed up to tell Lucious Andre did not pay him in time. 

Lucious followed the man's comments up by whacking his head off the ground several times, killing him. 

Cookie previously told him to watch what he was doing because the feds were watching. 

Will Lucious find himself at the mercy of the feds or will he find a way to get rid of Damon?

Elsewhere, a blogger was poking fun at the Trust Tour and Cookie set out for revenge. 

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Empire Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Blake: So, Hakeem got his own bus but not you?
Tiana: It’s only two hours. I’ll be okay.

You need to change your name to Hey, Bitch.