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In a flash forward Lucious is washes blood off his hands. Cookie walks in and tells him someone is in surgery. She demands to know whose blood it is and what he did.

Lucious confronts Kingsley. He realizes that it's personal. He, Andre, and Thirsry investigate and Thirsty talks Becky into planting a device in Kingsle's office. They find out that he's working with theFBI and that'swhere he gets the revenue to afford to tank Luciousby shelving his music. Lucius approachesKai about investigating it and Kai agrees. Jamal is not happy, and they are still on edge after Jamal shared he was engaged on a live interview upsetting Kai because it affected his job.

There is a flashback to Cookie sharing an elevator with Damon.

Maya moves in and works as Cookies nee assistant.

Tiana confronts Hakeem about his beef with Blake. Now fans are threatening her and the kids. She demands Hakeem talk to Blake. Hakeem does, but pulls a gun on Blake, at the mention of tiana and the kids.

. Giselle’s private investigator finds out about the connection between Lucious and Kingsley. Giselle confronts him at his mother’s hospital room.

Cookie talks to Candace, but Candace is still upset. She reveals Cookie’s secret apartment to Lucious. He gets upset and tells her about the painting..

At the same time, Tiana and Hakeem are fighting over Blake. Tiana tries to leave with the kids, but Hakeem is holding her back. Bella walks out with Hakeem’s gun. She points it at Tiana, Cookie, Lucious, and Hakeem. Then at herself in curiosity. head.

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Empire Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm getting death threats, and that's bad enough, but today they threatened the kids, and that's off limits!


Lucious, I just got a call that he was in the hospital. Is that blood? Lucious, what did you do? What did you do?!