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Andre is dying. He learns that his heart muscle is wasting away as a result of the chemotherapy, and that he has just a few weeks to live. 

He tells Lucious that he's going to kill himself.

Lucious is having none of it, but Andre says there's no way he would get a heart transplant in time.

Things take a turn when Teri reveals to Cookie that she's pregnant, complicating matters.

Andre wants Kingsley to be respected as a member of the family, and tries to get Jamal on board.

Jamal wants Lucious to walk him down the aisle with Cookie, but Lucious is against it.

At his bachelor party, Kai dances half-naked on Jamal, but Jamal takes a while to realize what is going on.

At the wedding, Lucious is MIA because the feds have him hauled in for questioning.

He gets way an turns up 30 minutes late to the event.

Jamal catches Cookie sharing a moment with Damon. 

The wedding goes off without a hitch, but Lucious debates what his next move could be to even the odds.


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