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Cookie and Lucious are broke and set up a plan to take Eddie down. Thanks to Andre being in prison, he gets close to Eddie's former account manager. 

He tells Andre about Eddie hiding money and the Lyons threaten Eddie at the MVP Awards. However, Giselle allows Eddie to die when he hits his head and is made acting CEO of Empire. 

Cookie and Lucious go back to the drawing board and resolve that they need to make a record label of their own, and find a singer called Treasure. 

Hakeem struggles with PTSD following the shooting, but is forced to return to the spotlight to perform. In turn, he reveals that he's using a backing track and is ridiculed. 

Andre is in prison and tries to get as much information on the villains as he can, but when Eddie dies, his tenure there becomes redundant. 

Jamal returns home with his reporter boyfriend who wants to know a little too much about the family. 

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Empire Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

To hell with him and his Steve Harvey outfits.


Cookie: Damn. It’s hot in here. Can’t we get the AC fixed?
Lucious: If you got $50,000 to pay for it.