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Kingsley allows Lucious to work TBD and after a dinner party, Kingsley turns to his mother and we get the revelation we all expected:

Kingsley is the son of Lucious and he wants his father to pay. 

Meanwhile, Cookie realized there was something off about the way Candace was acting and set out to find out what was going on. 

She and Carol showed up at her house to find Franklin choking her. Franklin punched Cookie in an attempt to get to Candace, so Cookie called the cops and they tased him. 

Candace punched Cookie because she got the cops involved and she was worried they shot him. 

Andre managed to get Quince out of jail after he asked someone to take the fall for the crime. 

Wynter arrived in New York City and wasted no time in getting closer to Cookie to get a recording contract. 

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Empire Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Kai: Hey babe, you got cash for the pizza guy?
Jamal: You ain't cooking?
Kai: Oh, you're confusing me with your wannabe chef ex-boyfriend.
Jamal: Oh, shady when he's hungry.

Kai: You are not my pizza -- oh my god.
Wynter: Hi lovey. How are you?
Jamal: Winter ... what the hell?