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The family rallied around Andre after his diagnosis. 

Cookie felt bad for going to Damon's room, but she did not sleep with him. Instead, she got close to him and ran off when she couldn't get Lucious out of her head. 

She later met Damon and asked him to keep quiet about it. He agreed to, and he said that his daughter died at a young age, and she should not blame herself. 

Cookie later tried to tell Lucious, but she said she loved him instead. 

Meanwhile, Treasure was fired and showed up at the house. She admitted Lucious did not do anything and that her ex-manager said the only way she could have a contract was to have sex with her manager. 

Andre got good news: the clinical trial was a fit for him and he progressed on to Stage 2. 

Elsewhere, Jamal self-destructed and Kai returned with the aim of getting their relationship back on track. 

Jamal worried that he could not make time for his ex, but Kai revealed that he was not leaving until there was a connection between them again. 

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Empire Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

I need you to believe I'm gonna be fine so that I can believe it too.


It's my fault. I was disloyal to my family and now my son has to pay.