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Cookie decides that she's done with Lucious and that nothing will change her mind this time. 

But Lucious tries to get her back. Cookie says that he thinks very little of her and that's not something she'll forget in a hurry. 

Lucious implies that he's a changed man and that he'll be good to her. 

She says no and goes to Miami with her sisters. 

They get drugged, but the man who does it says they said they wanted a good time. 

Cookie sees Lucious and attacks one of them, so they all get arrested. 

Tiana is told to change her style to fit a new group of people, and she says she will. However, she decides that she's ready to make a more meaningful impact. 

Lucious goes toe-to-toe with Andre when he allows Treasure's album to be shelved in the name of giving her time to release something she likes. 

Leah returns and says that she's going to rid the world of the Lyons for good. 

Yana shows up on the doorstep of the Lyon manor with the aim of getting answers.

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