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Lucious tries to throw Cookie out of the mansion. She declines and says that Lucious has played her one too many times. 

She later tells the world that Lucious was the one who took the 400k from her that she earned from selling drugs and she went to jail for 17 years as a result. 

Lucious says that she thinks that, but the truth is, he stole money from Philly Street to keep the business afloat. That did not sit well with her. 

He also compared Cookie to White Tracy and said that he no longer loves her. Cookie says that he's lying and leaves the mansion for good. 

Tiana goes to Bossy Media and Treasure and Devon are given her last track. Whichever one of them gets more streams gets the album treatment. 

Lucious leaks a Mario sex tape for streams, but the thing that ruins him is Cookie pulling Tiana from her event and giving the slot to Treasure. 

In the future, a note is in Cookie's car before she is blown up. 

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Empire Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Lucious: This is my legacy.
Cookie: This is our house, Lucious. Our legacy, our Empire.

I got some news for you, your $400,000 and your 17 years meant less to Empire than you do to me.