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Cookie worries about Andre's mental health and sets out to save him. 

He is put into hospital and crosses paths with his grandmother who tells him to speak to her like he should. 

This makes Andre question everything. 

Ultimately, though, he escapes and heads to get Teri. He seemingly tries to kill her, leading to a wild turn of events. 

Lucious turns up in the nick of time. 

Andre tries to find a way to make up for the past so he tries to murder the other personality in his head. 

Hakeem and Maya get married in Vegas, leading to a wild turn of events when Cookie tells them to end them to cancel the wedding immediately. 

Things take another turn when Tiana flips out about the wedding, and Maya tries to hold on to the Lyon name for as long as she can. 

Porsha is unimpressed with the way Becky uses her music so flippantly, and it leads to a big bust-up between the two women. 

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Empire Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Becky: Okay, right. This is one of the tracks that you're going to deliver to me by the end of the day?
Porsha: Depends.
Becky: I actually wasn't asking you, I want them by the end of the day.

Andre's long gone, momma. It's Kingsley.