When Vince misses his appoint for a physical when he's spending time with Mandy, Eric and Ari along with Mandy's agents are nervous their love lives are interfering with business.  Turtle and Drama do some detective work after they recover Eric's stolen Maserati and it leads them to a new musical sensation, Saigon, that leads Turtle to become an agent.  Turtle convinces Billy Walsh to usee Saigon's music for the Queens Boulevard score.

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Entourage Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

We're going to hell so bring your sunblock


Saigon: You two got yourselves a client. That's why y'all here, right? Y'all want to manage me?
Drama: Not me. I've got my own flourishing career to manage.
Saigon's friend: What do you do?
Turtle: He just tries to act like he's not retarded