Vince's past relationship with his Aquman co-star, Mandy Moore, comes back to haunt him big time.  Ari gets bumped from his Top 40 Under 40 when they discover his true age.  Drama is not happy about the crew's temporary home they're borrowing from Jessica Alba.

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Entourage Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Rufus: I don't love the shirt, personally.
Vince: Rufus, you don't like the shirt?
Drama: Vince, that shirt dulls the sparkle in your eyes. If I was you, I'd go with the blue Faconnable. It says, "Hello, I'm here, and I'm doing fine without you."

Vince: Any big news stories today, E?
Eric: What do you mean?
Vince: Mandy's really smart. She was always testing me on what was going on in the world...
Turtle: I heard Pamela Anderson dropped another tit size