After there's a security thread at LAX, the boys are unable to make their flight to the Cannes film festival.  Ari does whatever it takes to get him and the boys there, while his wife and Lloyd are both angry they're not going.  Billy finds room in his script for Eric's new client, Anna Farris, but Eric does not like the script.

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Entourage Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

E: I hated it. But the guy already committed to do it and I was trying to be positive
Ari: Wow, after 5 years you finally learned to lie. Welcome to Hollywood!

Billy: You know he's bringing his wife to Cannes?
Vince: No, you bringing you're wife? It's supposed to be a boys trip!
Ari: Vinnie, when you get married you realize that a wife is like a herpes sore. She comes and goes when and where she pleases.