After hearing Ed Norton wanted to buy the script being repped by Eric and make it a big studio project, Ari wants in.  Ari takes the script with him to several open meetings and manged to fetch $500,000 and a role for Vince in the film.  However, the episode ends with Ed coming back with a $1,000,000 offer, but with no role for Vince.  E has some serious thinking to do: his friend or the money and his obligation to his clients?

Meanwhile, still hurt from his breakup, Drama heads off to do some PR alongisde his "Five Towns" cast members on "The View."  However, poor Drama soon realizes he's being set up by the girls of "The View" and his cast member as the entire show becomes about his ex.  As he's about to break into tears, Drama storms off, goes binge drinking, and ends up getting himself arrested.  We <3 you Drama.

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Entourage Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

You said it was small, and small people think small so I can't totally blame you for that..

Ari [referring to the script Eric found]

Hey good news Lloyd, Vince will have a new movie poster for you to whack off to soon