In Season 5, Episode 8, Turtle manage to secure the only first class ticket on the way back from Hawaii and was lucky enough to be seated next to Jamie Lynn-Sigler (Meadow from Sopranos) playing herself.  After Turtle tells the guys he got a little action from Jamie on the plane, no one believes him.

Meanwhile, Ari returns from Geneva to a very angry office that thinks he's trying to backstab them.  With the absence of Ari, agent Josh Winstein moves in and sets up a meeting with Frank Darabont, who ends up offering a TV role and they walk.

When Ari learns if he doesn't take his job it will go to Amanda Daniels (who hates Vince more than anyone!), he pulls a sunt that gets to job to Dana Gordon and to make sure Vince gets Smokejumpers.  Celebrating their new victory, the boys run into Jamie Lynn at a club.  She apparently has gotten word that Turtle told people about their mile hile romance and throws a drink on him.

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Entourage Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Oh yeah yeah, I'm sure she's got a fetish for guys who are built like a South Park character

Ari [referring to Jamie Lynn Sigler and Turtle]

Lloyd: What's wrong?
Ari: Has so much cum squirt in those eyes you can't see what's right in front of your face? Amanda Daniels takes that job, Vince is fucked and I'm fucked. Which means we're all fucked. And we're fucked in the way you like to get fucked, not fucked in the way normal people like to get fucked