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The episode opens with Turtle getting a booty call from Jamie Lynn and sneaking out from the Smoke Jumprs set without telling the guys why.  It turns out Jamie wants a little more from Turtle than just a booty call as she even goes out into public with Turtle at her favorite restaurant.  If that weren't enough, Turtle finally revealed his real name to Jamie and us!  It's Sal!

Meanwhile, back on the set of Smoke Jumpers, the nazi director Verner has Vince do over fifty takes before Vince finally flips and the two get into a screaming match the whole set hears.  We learn what we all expected, that Verner never wanted Vince for the movie and was forced to use him by the studio.  Verner fires Vince and Vince calls in the big guns... Ari.  When Ari is unable to convince Verner he brings in even bigger guns, Dana.  After a threeway screaming match between Verner, Dana and Ari (with a little E and Vince too), Verner storms off to bring in John Ellis.  After watching what they've done so far, Ellis cancels the projects but does admit what he's seen of Vince looks good.  Dana may not have her job much longer.

Vince and the guys decide to head back to Queens cutting Turtle's weekend with Jamie Lynn short.

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Entourage Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Turtle: You wanna hide me, consider me hidden!
Jamie Lynn Sigler: Seriously, I eat here all the time.
Turtle: Really?
Waitress: Hi Jamie baby, how you doin'?
Jamie Lynn Sigler: Really.

I got nowhere to go, Jaime. In fact, I'll move in if you want me to!

Turtle [to Jamie Lynn Sigler]