Eric offers to represent LB and Nick, two writers that sent him a script for Vince to read.  Vince runs into an old flame, Justin Chapin, who no longer is a virgin.  However, Justin passes him off at a party to one of her friends, further destroying his self esteem until Ari puts him in his place.  Drama's long distance relationship with Jacqueline quickly falls apart.

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Entourage Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Let me be heard this time and I swear to God, you will be stronger than you ever were. Like Lance Armstrong, but with two balls


Ari: You just sit tight. Okay, you wait.
Vince: Wait for what?
Ari: For the stench from Medillin to disappear.
Vince: How long's that gonna take?
Ari: How long did it take for the air to clear from fucking Chernobyl?