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We catch up with Vince and the boys with Gatsby out of production and set to premiere shortly.  Vince is busy learning to drive a car for his upcoming film about the life of Enzo Ferrari.  Vince fails the driving test horribly, but gets his license when he gives the examinor tickets to the premiere.  Vinnie then goes on Leno where he charms the pants off everyone.

Meanwhile, Eric is considering getitng his own place and meets with Sloan to look at subletting one of her friends' places.  Eric tries to keep it a secret, but eventually tells Vince and even takes him with him to meet with Sloan's friend.  Vince ends up sleeping with the girl and coming home to an empty house.  Eric is still with Sloan, Turtle is at Jamie Lynn Sigler's (now his girlfriend), and Drama is doing an overnight shoot.  The episode ends with a sad Vince sitting alone by himself for the first time.

Things all appear to be good at Miller Gold, until Lloyd, prompted by a dinner with his father, demands a promotion out of Ari.  He's been an assistant for three years and demands to be an agent or he'll quit.  Ari doesn't believe him and just ignores the threats until Lloyd calls Ari's family and says goodbye, it was nice knowing them.  Ari realizes he needs to do whatever it takes to keep Lloyd and offers him the promotion... if he can survive a 100 days hazing period of doing whatever Ari says.

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Entourage Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

You're never going to be in a relationship as long as you're living in a frat house

Sloan [to Eric]

Pussy can smell other pussy and they have to pounce on it. That's why when you're on a hot streak you go to press it. Just like in blackjack.