The epiosde opens with E and Ashley having dinner when the phone rings.  It's Sloan telling E she'll be co-hosting the celebrity golf tournmanet he and the boys will be attending.  At the tournmanet, Vince and Johnny are paired with Tom Brady and Mark Wahlberg.  During their game, Johnny wants to make a wager and even lies about his handicap, only to still lose.  He ends up breaking one of Brady's clubs.

Meanwhile, Eric is partnered with Murray Berenson, a big name in the management business.  Murray offers E a job, but soon Eric finds out it was Sloan that partnered them together.  E ends up turning down the job and telling Sloan off for trying to make him into the man she wants.  E goes home to Ashley who he ends up calling Sloan.  Nice.

Turtle, who is forced to tag along with E, decides to make his day about telling off Tom Brady, since Turtle is a giants fan and all.  Just look at his club covers.  Despite Jamie trying to convince him not to over the phone, Turtle goes to tell him off, but ends up falling into a hard core man crush when Brady invite Jamies and him over for some homecooking by Gisele.

After buying his wife a Maserati and still not getting gorvien, Ari gets partnered with his client, Jeffery Tambor, who spends the game cheating massively to impress his sons.  Ari has poor Lloyd fishing out balls from the bottom of the lake as part of his hazing.  In the end, Ari refuses to tell Jeffery who's having the office affair so Jeffery fires him.

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Entourage Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

E [about cigar]: This is good
Murray: I hope so. Six Cubans drowned off the Florida keys to get me those

Just came form my cardiologist and all four valves are working. If he'd just marry my ex, or if anyone would, I'd be utopic. Is that a word? Utopic?