Vince gets the news that his Enzo Ferrari movie is being delayed 12 weeks and he's going to have some time off.  Looking for something to do, Vince tries to get one of his boys to go traveling with him, but they're all too busy... Drama with his show, E with the Murphy Group, and Turtle with Jamie Lynn.  Instead, he just enjoys an afternoon quickie with his waitress and then the afternoon Facebook stalking.

Meanwhile, Eric continues his relationship with Ashley and even has a little nooner with her. However, he quickly realizes that he's just wasting time when he goes into his office at the Murphy Group and ends the day by calling his office quits.  However, he still tells Vince he can't travel with him.. he can't leave Ashley!  Oh come on E.

Drama is riding on a high when he finds out his show is casting for a love interest for him and he gets to interview hot models for a chemistry test (making out).  Drama decides he can't have a model as a love interest and needs an actress.  Although he goes to Ed Burns and demands one, he gets laughed at.  He then decides to beg Turtle, who's out clothing shopping with Jamie, if he can borrow his girl so he'll have a named actress as his love interest.  Eventually Turtle gives in.

Poor Ari continues to deal with drama at his office even though Andrew and Lizzie have broken things off.  That's because, first he has Lizzie come into his office to apologize, and then David Schwimmer comes in and the office is pitching him to come back to tv, and the only agent he's interested in hearing from is Lizzie.  He takes Lizzie out to lunch, and Andrew can't handle things.  After he spends the afternoon crashing their lunch date and crying in his car, Ari tries to give him a pep talk and tells him he can't spend his life lying to his wife... think how his kids will take it.  Andrew takes it the opposite way and divorces his wife, getting Ari in trouble with the Mrs.

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Entourage Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Ari [on the phone with E]: I'm still tingling from the weekend.
Ashley: Who is it?
E: It's Ari. It's OK, go back to sleep.
Ari: Wow, you payed for that or is there actually someone that would bang you for free?

Ari: Keep your eyes on Andrew Kline.
Lloyd: Keep my eyes on him how?
Ari: Pretend he's Zac Efron's Ballsack.