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When the boys discover Eric making out with a girl in public, Drama recognizes her as a girl he hooked up with four months ago and that she's a bit of a slut.  Nervous E, who didn't wear a condom, heads into the Doctor's office to get tested.  Despite spending the episode worrying about it, E gets a clean bill of health from the Doctor at the end and decides he's done dating.  He's calling up Sloan and getting back together with her whether she likes it or not.

Meanwhile, Drama has much more serious problems when he thinks he's having a heart attack at his Melrose Place audition.  He goes into the Doctor's and is diagnosesd with "Takotsubo cardiomyopathy," a stress-induced heart failure.  The doctor tells him he needs to calm down or this can lead to an actual heart attack.  Drama decides to re-evaluated his life and when Lloyd manages to get him another audition, he decides to pass on it, even if it means leaving the spotlight and potentially ending his career.

The central plotline of the episode is definitely Terrance offering to sell his agency, TMA, over to Miller Gold for 100 million.  He wants to do it privately and make it an easy sale before he takes it on the market.  Ari is obviously hesitant to trust Terrance, and tries to call his PI only to find out the PI refuses to take the case... he has a vested interest.  Is Terrance tracking him?  No.  Ari heads to meet up with Terrance's wife, Melinda Clarke, who reveals she knew nothing about the sale and she's the one who hired the PI... to track Terrance and his fling.  Ari takes this information about the couple's pending divorce and haggles Terrance down to 75 million.

In a slightly healthier relationship, Turtle prepares a final lunch of all of Jamie Lynn's favorite places before she goes.  While going over Turtle's music, Jamie discovers that the brunette from class befriended Turtle on Facebook and she goes nuts.  He manages to calm her down by deleting the girl and they head to the airport where she cries... and he doesn't.  Jamie decides that she wants him to see other people when she leaves and she heads inside.  Turtle doesn't stop her.  We all know what seeing other people means...Turtle includes cause he finally cries.

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Entourage Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

E, I've had most of this town, so it was bound to happen that our trees would dabble in the same forest at some point.


Ari: Bye Matt
Matt: So back to human resources?
Ari: Back to the Iowa farm house that breast fed you until 15