Poor Andrew wakes up in his pajamas on the couch in Ari's office.  When Barbara sees him in the office in his pjs, she tells Ari that she'll fire Andrew if he doesn't sign Aaron Sorkin that day.  Ari tries to tell Andrew, but finds out he's not in the office.  Apparently he went home to collect his Sorkin notes, but can't get into the house and gets in his car, ready to head back into the office.  When Marlo sets the notes on fire, Andrew goes nuts and turns the car and drives into his house.  Ari is busy trying to delay Sorkin in the meeting, but when Lloyd announces Andrew is in jail, Sorkin and Ari head to jail.  A pitiful Andrew is reduced to tears, and Sorkin, who apparently also had a nasty divorce, agrees to sign with Andrew.  

E is busy working hard at the office when he receives a phone call from Sloan, which he cuts short.  The boys convince him to call back and he does, setting up a friendly meetup for drinks.  When E arrives there, he gets a call from Ashley who apologizes and misses him.  He decides to tell Sloan, he's not interested in being toyed with and missing a chance with a girl he potentially likes and blows Sloan off.  Go E.  Glad you finally grew something between your legs.

Meanwhile, the incredibly exciting main plot of the show, involved Vince hiring some Israeli security guy recommended by Ari.  The dude runs some drills, set up a $100,000 retainer, and manages to find the license of the stalker wedged in the couch. It's some creepy looking dude.

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Entourage Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Slaon is all powerful... she stops him from getting pussy and won't give him any


Drama: Is this guy Masad or what?
Turtle: Aren't all Israelis?