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During the season finale of Entourage....

  • Ari tries to throw his wife a surprise birthday party, but all the bribes to his sister-in-law can't get her there.  She's leaving him.
  • E gets a sit down with Sloan's father, Terrence, who talks to him like a slacker and asks him to sign a prenup.
  • Turtle tries to raise the money to help keep Carlos in Avion, but it's his pleading to Cuban that keeps it.
  • When Vinnie doesn't come home,, Drama stages an intervention.  They find out he went out all night looking for drugs and then crashed Sasha's porn set the following day.  They break up and Vinnie goes on a bender which ends up in a fist fight during Eminem's party.  In the end, after Vince is realeased from the hospital, the cops reveal a bag of coke they found of his.


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Entourage Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

E: You can't bang my assistant.
Drama: What? You don't think I can get her?

Drama: Unless he's distributing, this is a large bag of cocaine he's holding.
Billy: That is kind of Tony Montana style.