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Vince is on the set for his new movie and crazy director, Nick Cassavetes, wants Vince to do his own driving stunt.  He convinces Vince to be a man, and the man cowers behind E and Ari.  Whent they can't get him out of it, Vince mans up and goes ahead with it and crashes during the stunt.  Nice.

Turtle's car service with hot chick drivers is now in full swing, but one of his girls, Alex, is giving him problems.  Despite Drama's obvious advice of firing her after constantly getting lost (with a GPS), we find out why Turtle keeps her.  When she cries and pours her heart out to him about her parents' divorce, he goes in for a kiss.  She quits.  Sexual harassment anyone?

Ari, now running the biggest agency in the world, is getting sick of doing all the work and convinces his agents to come up with a new idea.  Someone does: the NFL is selling their tv rights.  In his home life, trouble is a brewing as Ari keeps missing a parent-teacher meeting when he's too busy with the agency.

Drama, meanwhile, only has eight weeks left on his holding deal and Phil has bad news for them: the network has no new shows.  Drama goes to Lloyd and Ari freaking out only to find out the network not only has new shows, but even made one that Drama was supposed to be attached to without him.  Sucks to be ugly.

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Entourage Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

He comes from a family of method actors. They'll eat glass if it's in the script.

Ari [on Cassavetes]

Even with a million-man army you sometimes have to do the grunt work yourself. Saddam Hussein had to hang a few without his assistants.


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