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On this week's episode of Entourage...

- Eric and Sloan have sex one last time - and then he finds out she’s moving to New York.

- Vince gives Billy the script he wrote and Billy agrees to make some modifications.

- Alex ignores all of Turtle’s calls, while Dice joins Eric and Scott’s client roster. A

ri finds out Mrs. Ari is dating Bobby Flay, thus making the restaurateur his sworn enemy.

- After finding out Johnny’s Bananas tested well with audiences, Dice tells Drama that they should demand more money or threaten to walk before the show has even aired, but Drama isn’t so sure.

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Entourage Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

Eric: Your grammar's horrible.
Vince: "Who cares?
Eric: We were in the same classes since we were six, it's just shocking to me you can't punctuate.
Vince: Eh, it was all stream of consciousness.
Turtle: You can't really spell either, Vin. F-a-i-t-h-f-e-l.
Eric: No it isn't.
Johnny Drama: It's 'o-l.'
Eric: No, it isn't.
Drama: So says you.
Eric: Are you guys all illiterate? Mrs. Carbone would shoot herself if she heard this.

Johnny Drama: Why are you dressed like it's '04?
Turtle: All my clothes burned up in the fire. Why are you dressed for a bisexual paintball tournament is a better question?"
Eric: Agreed.
Drama: Bisexual? This shirt is mad hetero. Look at these pythons. You can clearly see I'm hiding an 8-pack under here.
Eric: You haven't had an 8-pack to hide since the early '70s, Drama.