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Eric turned to Melinda for help in dealing with the Sloan/Johnny Galecki situation. He finally got to the bottom of why Sloan was avoiding him, though it wasn't the result he expected.

Meanwhile, Turtle was forced to ask his investors - including some very heavy hitters - to dig deeper into their pockets when Don Peppe's owners fall in love with a champagne taste venue on his beer venue budget. Then, he learned some news about the fate of his old business investments.

Ari and Dana Gordon came to an understanding about their relationship, while Vince got creative to win Sophia over.

Lastly, Drama and Vince get to the bottom of their stand off with the network to close the deal on Billy's miners script, with Drama in the starring role.

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Entourage Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

Eric: Scott, you know, this is why I knew not to partner up with you, because you are a self-centered jerk off.
Scott: And this is why Eric, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, you are a little b*tch.

Johnny Drama: Bro, didn't I used to bang her sister?
Vince: Yeah, actually she said she asked about you.
Drama: Of course.
Turtle: She probably wants to find out if you were the one who gave her the herps.
Drama: Well at least I get laid often enough to be a suspect.
Eric: Interesting logic.