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Lose Yourself Picture
Watch Entourage Season 7 Episode 10
"Lose Yourself"
Original Air Date:

Vince finally spirals out of control during the Entourage season seven finale.

Meeting With Peter Berg
Watch Entourage Season 7 Episode 9
"Porn Scenes from an Italian Restaurant"
Original Air Date:

Vince meets with the new Air Walker director, Peter Berg, to get Sasha a part; Johnny agrees to the cartoon; Carlos flies in to talk with Turtle.

Vince vs E
Watch Entourage Season 7 Episode 8
"Sniff Sniff Gang Bang"
Original Air Date:

The studio wants Vince to get a drug test; Mrs. Ari and Ari go to counseling; Turtle and Alex look for investors.

Ari and Dana Picture
Watch Entourage Season 7 Episode 7
"Tequila and Coke"
Original Air Date:

Vince continues his bender; Ari tries to get the tapes back from Lizzie; Billy Walsh pitches Drama on an idea; Turtle lands a big tequila deal.

Vince and Sasha
Watch Entourage Season 7 Episode 6
Original Air Date:

Turtle puts up compromising videos of Vince and Sasha; Billy Walsh returns and wants E to manage him; Lizzie and Amanda Daniels plan to sue Ari.

Sasha Grey on Entourage
Watch Entourage Season 7 Episode 5
"Bottoms Up"
Original Air Date:

Vince starts dating Sasha Grey; Ari tries to keep clients from Lizzie; Drama finds out he has competition for the role; E and Sloan experiment in bed.

Turtle and Alex
Watch Entourage Season 7 Episode 4
"Tequila Sunrise"
Original Air Date:

Drama tries to convince John Stamos to do the show with him; Turtle heads to Mexico.

Daredevil Vince
Watch Entourage Season 7 Episode 3
Original Air Date:

Vince's friendship with Scott threatens E; Lizzie threatens to quit without a promotion; Drama considers doing a sitcom.

Drama Hires E
Watch Entourage Season 7 Episode 2
Original Air Date:

After his cart stunt, Vince adopts a new devil-may-carry attitude; Ari is busy negotiating with the NFL; E is dragged into Drama's search for a tv show; Turtle has problems with his now former employee.

Action Film Set
Watch Entourage Season 7 Episode 1
Original Air Date:

Vince's director convinces him to do his own stunts; Turtle has problems with one of his drivers; Drama's holding deal is running up.

Entourage Season 7 Quotes

He comes from a family of method actors. They'll eat glass if it's in the script.

Ari [on Cassavetes]

Even with a million-man army you sometimes have to do the grunt work yourself. Saddam Hussein had to hang a few without his assistants.