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Matt consults with his lawyers as his finds out more and more bad news regarding his financial crisis. He's reaching a point where his planes, his cars, his vacation spots and the rest all have to go. 

Amidst this financial crisis, Morning brings up a plan to help both of their financial and social situations. She suggests they release an old sex tape from before Matt was even famous -- before Friends, when Morning was the famous one, "Kelly," and Matt was a nobody.

Tim, Beverly, and Sean have a lunch together to figure out the extent of their relationship on the show. Tim makes it clear that he won't be giving his chance to make it into the industry. 

Sean and Beverly find out that Tim's agent is the same as theirs. 

Eileen doesn't see a problem in representing both parties. Beverly breaks the news to Carol and Helen, and is told that they all need to sit down for a meeting together. Against her wishes, Beverly agrees to the idea. 

Matt's agent brings Matt a potential birthday party as a source of revenue. Matt's offended at first, until he finds out that he's being offered $500,000. The catch is that he's the leader of Karakestan. He's the "butcher of Karakestan" but he's also a huge Friends fan, and Matt considers going. 

Sean and Beverly obviously tell Matt not to do something as immoral as go to this party just for the money.

Carol and Helen are relaxing in bed when Carol brings up the fact that Merc brought up the fact that he's slept with Helen as well. 

Helen reveals that Merc was never supposed to mention that night to anyone. Helen says that the sex was awful, and that Merc and his toupee back then were horrible. 

Beverly thinks over her pervious relationship with Merc. 

Helen says that Merc was the last guy she was ever with. 

Beverly and Sean almost have intercourse, but Beverly brings up possibly quitting and letting Sean work with Tim by himself. She reconsiders in the end, but she makes it clear that she can't bare Tim.

Morning, fed up Matt's horrible memory and short attention span, brings out her sex tape -- containing videos of multiple partners.

Matt still doesn't believe that it happened until Morning fast forwards to a good view of her and a much younger Matt. He gets nostalgic more than anything, considering that Morning still looks as great now as she did then.

Beverly, Sean, Tim and the rest have a meeting about the show. Sean ends up making it very clear that Tim needs to take a backseat to this production and just take the credit. He says him and Beverly need to be left in charge. 

Matt runs into Friends co-star, David Schwimmer, at the pary in south Asia. They go over what's happening at the crazy party, and Matt is shocked to learn that David was paid $1 million while he was only offered $500,000. 


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Episodes Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Sean: Us working together? Really? Really?
Tim: That’s the worst toast ever!

Morning: Alan Thicke’s birthday party. We went back to my place, and I blew you in my hot tub!
Matt: Jesus! I was at Alan Thicke’s birthday party?