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Sean comes to work from the gym and complains a lot to Beverly about a woman speaking on the phone while using the treadmill. Helen seems to be flirty with Sean as gives a complete cold shoulder to Beverly. She also "almost" hits Beverly with her golf cart twice. 

Sean doesn't see the hatred, and thinks Beverly is overreacting.

Matt shows up to work and gives both of them the cold shoulder. 

Helen and Carol talk about a man named "Baylon" who died by falling off the back of his boat. While riding around in the golf cart they reminisce about the guy and then start complaining immediately about having to recast. 

Carol comes up with the idea to have Matt host Merc's reality show.

Both Matt and Merc are super upset at the idea of having to work together.

A group of young Asian groupie gather around to take a picture with Matt while he's eating lunch, and comment on how he's gotten old and fat. 

Matt's agent tries to get him to accept the position because he needs the money.

Carol tells her secretary to hide all calls from Beverly. Beverly calls and wonders if Helen doesn't like her. Carol lies to her and says Helen loves her. 

Matt says he'd rather sell the beach house than work with Merc. 

Matt discusses selling his beach house with this realtor. She finds an anonymous buyer.

Matt also has people tow Beverly and Sean's cars away, seeing as how he bought them. 

Even though he should've left, Matt sticks around to see who the anonymous buyer is. 

It turns out to be one of the stars from his Pucks! show. Matt ends up showing him around. He calls it a "90s museum."

He also comments on Matt's age and deterioration. 

He clearly loves the place and Matt is clearly upset about parting with this house.

In the process of hiding her friendship with Beverly, Carol makes it seem more candid and inappropriate. She asks to meet with Beverly behind their stage and by the dumpsters, rather than in her office.

Matt gets upset by the fact that people think he needs to sell the house, and kicks everybody out. 

Carol tells Beverly not to laugh if she tells her the truth. Beverly says she doesn't laugh.

Carol says that Helen believes that Beverly and her "lesbian haircut" are in love with her. Beverly laughs -- a lot. 

Carol tells her to stop laughing, and Beverly wonders why Helen doesn't believe that Carol is in love with Beverly.

Matt and Merc sit down to have lunch, and they discuss the recent financial troubles. 

They talk about how many balls they'd rather have, and each other's problems.

They make snide remarks at each other, and contemplate making a show together. 

Beverly says that she's going to confront Helen about the suspicions and Sean vehemently advises her not to. 

Matt shows up drunk to Beverly and Sean's house, and says fuck you to them.

Matt cries about how he now has to be a game show host with Merc, because he's out of choices.

Matt apologies for taking their cars, and Sean makes him promise to bring them back. Matt grabs Carol's chest, and Sean doesn't know what to say. 

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Episodes Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Sean: In school they would say, I could turn a woman gay.
Beverly: I'm glad you're having fun with this.

Well it's not like I'm a squirrel crossing the highway!