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Carol and Beverly meet at the dumpster once again, much to Beverly's protest. Carol asks Beverly to suggest another method of sneaking around. A loud garbage man disposes of trash around them as they discuss their situation.

Sean hopes Beverly isn't getting on Helen's bad side.

Merc and Matt go check out the set of "The Box" and they got on each other's bad side as Merc questions Matt's weight. The director tries to explain the show to them. 

Castor interrupts Carol's lunch with Helen to compliment her, and seemingly apologize. He said he's back on his meds, and even started new ones. 

He says he just found out he's going to be running the "CW." 

Helen and Carol are thrown off by that announcement. 

Helen seems to be testing the waters with Carol, and seeing whom else she's attracted to.

Castor tries to offer Carol a job. He wants her to be his number two, for twice what she's getting now. 

Sean and Matt drink and talk about why anyone would want to be on his game show. 

Sean compares Matt's situation and having to be a game show host to the contestants that are trapped in their own boxes. Matt gets angry and shoves him off his barstool.

Carol and Beverly go for their secret hike, and get surprised by Helen. She kicks her out of the house, and asks for all her things back -- including her ankle bracket, and the top Carol is currently wearing. Helen even asks for her bra back, and leaves Carol topless. 

Merc and Matt argue about the vest Matt is wearing on the show. Sean, Beverly, and Helen all show up to the game show.

Once Sean and Beverly hear about Carol and Helen, they don't want to get on Helen's bad side. 

Myra is currently, finally, giving birth, and making all the weirdest noises possibly. 

As "The Box" starts, Helen forces Carol to stand off the stage as more punishment. Carol calls Castor for his job offer. She accepts.

"The Box" premiers.

One of the contestants chooses to release the bugs in another one of the contestant's box. Matt is doing well as the host.

The crowd is even shaming the contestant that wants to quit.

Matt and Merc, arguing about the game show, walking into one of the boxes. They trade insults repeatedly, as the crowd is deaf to the conversation. However, they can tell from their actions. Matt says he doesn't want to see Merc at all if he's doing this show. Merc says that he's the reason Matt couldn't get his other show.

They start fighting, grabbing each other's privates, and Matt emerges victorious. Matt locks Merc in the box and says release the bugs. The crowd chants, and Merc begs no. The bugs are released.

Sean and Beverly are nervous to see Helen for a meeting the next morning. Carol's office is empty -- she's moved on to her new job. 

Carol can't seem to get into her new office, because Castor was lying about his new job the entire time. 

Helen has called in Tim to run the show instead of Sean and Beverly.

Myra has given birth. 

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Episodes Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Matt: Can they get out?
Director: The bugs, or the people?
Matt: Either?
Director: No.

Beverly: Life were a lot simpler before you became a lesbian.
Carol: Lesbian? I’m not a lesbian!
Beverly: What would you call it?
Carol: I don’t know! I feel uncomfortable with labels.
Beverly: Label or not, if you open up a can of beans, and there’s beans in it, it’s a can of beans!