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Full of frustration and rage, Sean, Beverly, Morning, Matt and everyone included in the Pucks fiasco, return to the set in thier own way. Sean and Beverly curse themselves their entire flight over, while writing the pilot episode for the new season, while Mornings her frustration out on the parking lot security guard and Matt simply lets out a disgruntled "fuck" at the sight of the studio. 

The table read is fittingly awkward, as Sean and Beverly make it known right from the start that they wrote their script on the plane ride over to the States, and that it probably it isn't too great. Sean's exact words were "it's bad," while Beverly wasted no time in bluntly agreeing. 

The new members of the crew try to shrug it off and head the first table reading of the season. 

Sean and Beverly are introduced to their favorite old secretary, and remember why they hated her within a few seconds.

Matt, on a drive, answers a phone call from an associate informing him that his accountant has committed suicide. However, Matt is too busy trying to convince the girl stopped at a red light next to him to remove her top. He somehow manages to juggle both balls, but ultimately fails at getting the woman to flash him.

Back in the office, Wendy is still completely useless as a secretary. Eileen Jaffe calls to welcome Sean and Beverly back to the States, and then tries to pitch them for their other script once again, stating that networks are clamoring for it. She almost wraps them into saying "yes," but Sean eventually refuses the offer.

During a meeting with Elliot, he pitches Helen Bash as the new head of the network, rather offer Carol the job. She takes out her frustration with Beverly. 

Helen Bash is the ex-wife of an ex-boss of Carol's, causing a huge problem for her. 

At the funeral Matt promised to go, he finds out that the suicide was because Larry, the accountant, was swindling money from all his clients. Including Matt, who held all his money with the man.

As he finds out about his losses, one by one, Matt's security is stripped away.

Drunk and venting, Matt earns the sympathy of Sean and Beverly, but only for a moment. Soon it's revealed that he only lost half of his money, that he still has $31 million left. They agree to disagree about the Matt LeBlanc's "struggle."

Matt takes to drinking and eating his woes away, while Merc finds out that he was also screwed over by Larry. Sean and Beverly try to knock some sense into him, but he turns it around and asks them how much their income is. 

He gets Sean thinking and questioning the decision to not sell their script. 

Beverly and Matt's back and forth gets Sean thinking things over, and, eventually, he falls for the peer pressure and confirms selling their script. 

The networks are all clamoring, and Beverly is understandably upset - let the games begin!

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Episodes Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Customs Official: Reason for entering the country?
Beverly: Matt. LeBlanc.

Beverly: Bloody ridiculous.
Sean: Utter bullshit.