Maddy Covers Up - Euphoria
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Maddy tries to conceal the bruising on her neck, but passes out in class. 

When paramedics arrive, they tell the school about the bruising. With that, the police get involved and the Jacobs family are hauled in. 

Maddy is handcuffed to a table as her clothing is taken off her when she refuses to cooperate. 

Nate says he loves her when he looks in the classroom as he is escorted out. 

In his meeting with detectives, he says that she took Molly and that she had a habit for going with other guys, even having sex with one in his pool. 

Maddy tries to do damage control and says that the gay stuff was all a lie, and threatens Cassie. 

In the end, she meets Nate at a motel, and they all seem happy. 

Cal meets a young man in the same motel a little earlier and says that he worries that his urges have poisoned his whole family. 

Jules continues to suffer in silence following what happened with Nate, and struggles when everyone tells her Rue is only happy because of her. 

Jules says that she is going home and Rue asks to go with her. 

Ethan wonders why Kat blew him off and she refuses to talk to him, instead going to the mall and having sex with the man from the clothes shop. 

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Euphoria Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Nothing in high school lasts forever.


Maddy knew who she was from a very early age.