Hunter Schafer, Zendaya - Euphoria
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Jules is smitten with "Justin" and starts sending him nudes. 

She and Rue go back and forth about him, and Rue says that it's bad to meet him in the darkness after the carnival. 

This makes Jules mad. Rue admits she has been clean for three weeks, but later steals one of her friend's pills. 

Later, she runs to Fezzy after kissing Jules, and running off because she knows she doesn't like her. 

Maddy realizes Nate has been using Grindr and sets out to find out what's going on. 

Kat starts using her webcam to chat with older men for money. 

One man with a micro penis tells her to make fun of him and gets off on it. This shocks her, but he gives her money. 

She asks Fezzy's associate how to get the money, and he tells her to use Bitcoin and he'll change it for cash. 

Kat changes her appearance because she's done being in the shadows. 

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Euphoria Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

The summer before high school, Kat started writing fan fiction. She'd become extremely popular ... online.


I'm not saying I'm in love. I'm just saying I really like him.