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Euphoria Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Shook One Pt. II

Euphoria Review: Shook One Pt. II

On Euphoria Season 1 Episode 4, the teenagers attended the carnival, and there were literal and figurative fireworks. You need to read our review!
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Euphoria Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Made You Look

Euphoria Review: Made You Look

On Euphoria Season 1 Episode 3, things took a turn for Rue and Jules, but were they ready to admit their feelings? We have the full review of a crazy episode.
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Euphoria Quotes

Every time I feel good, I think it'll last forever, but it doesn't.


I promise you. If I could be a different person, I would. Not because I want it, but because they do. But here's the thing. One day, I just showed up without a map or a compass, and at some point, you have to make a choice ... about who you are and what you want. And therein lies the catch.