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Tonight’s episode of Eureka’s picked up from last week’s episode, with Carter coming home to find Tess waiting for him. Jo, Allison, Carter, Henry, and Fargo examined the rest of Eureka to see what has changed in the current time line. Dr. Grant found Allison and Carter and lets them know he also came to the future. Henry believed that Dr. Grant must have tampered with the transmitter he had gotten from Carter as it was only set to bring the correct five people back from 1947.

Henry started working on the time bridge device to see if they could send Dr. Grant back to where he came from. Carter put Dr. Grant in a jail cell to keep him out of trouble. As several series of accidents start to happen Carter and Henry began investigating.  Dr. Grant does admit to Carter that he had traded jackets with him so he could get the device and come to the future as he had always wanted to see it.

Henry found that the accidents seemed to be related to a positronic lightning project that was causing random lighting storms inside the Global Dynamics building. Tess, Henry, Carter, and Fargo came up with a plan to ground out the lighting from the positronic generator to neutralize it. The plan required three people to pull it off. Dr. Grant, Carter, and Deputy Andy worked together and were able to shut down the generator successfully by grounding the lighting into the bedrock.

After all of the excitement Carter, Allison, Fargo, Jo, Henry, and Dr. Grant met at CaféDiem where Henry explained that the bridge device had been totally destroyed and that the current reality was the one the one they were going to stay in. After Allison explained that if they admitted to anyone that they were from a different timeline the military could take them away, they all agreed to not tell anyone.

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Carter: Grace, She's on the committee.
Henry: And, I am pretty sure I am married to her.
Carter: Oooooooooh dear.
Henry: Oooooooh yes.

Allison: Dr. Grant, we know what it feels like to get pulled away from our own time.
Dr. Grant: Thank you, it's ok, But I thought there would be more flying cars.