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The episode opened with Holly and Fargo in a simulation of Titan attempting to vent a gas pocket. Everything is going well until Fargo is distracted with Holly and an explosion ruptures a vent in her suit and she starts to lose air. The simulation is stopped and everything is reset. 

Meanwhile Jack and Allison are dealing with Warren Hughes who is visiting from the D.O.D. to evaluate their relationship. As the head of GD and the Sheriff of the town their “intimate alliance” has to be approved. 

Henry, Allison, Jack, and Warren all go to the landing pad to welcome Tiny (the robot sent to Titan) home. After she lands and Henry releases her shielding she exploded, scattering debris for miles.

Pockets of Methane, Ethane, Ammonia, and other gases found on Titan begin threating the town, at first they believed Tiny might have brought it back. But it turned out the doctor creating the simulation had been trying nearly 600 times to make the perfect simulation and had over filled the reserve tanks with all the gases he had flushed.

Jack, Jo, Allison, and Warren headed to a greenhouse to open a vent that would have the gas pumped in and allow the plants to process it and make it safe; while Holly and Fargo used the skills they were practicing earlier to help vent Ethan gas and Methane snow from Main Street.  They are able to start the evacuation process and the gas is pumped to the greenhouse safely. 

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Holly: Our budding urges are getting in the way.
Fargo: Our? As in Mutual?
Holly: Absolutely, that's why I think the most sensible course of actions is to satisfy them. [Reaches for him]
Fargo: Now?
Holly: The sooner we consummate, the sooner we concentrate

Allison: Now that we are involved I had to file an IA248 with the DOD
Jack: IA??
Allison: It's the form required for our intimate alliance.
Jack: There can't be a form for that!