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Tonight’s episode opened with Carter and Allison discussing Carter and Jo being room-mates. Carter left and ran into Henry and then Fargo. Fargo was stressing out as he was waiting for Global Dynamics’ VIP guest. The guest was Claudia Donovan from Warehouse 13.

Claudia arrived safely to pick up a new type of neutralizing agent Fargo made. Fargo had an entire day planned including tour. Just as Fargo was finishing the tour around G.D. a massive set of redwood trees appeared. Claudia offered to stay and help figure out where they came from. As the day progressed more items appeared including a huge unfired bullet inside Jo’s chest and an entire airplane inside Café Deim’.

Claudia and Fargo continued looking for clues around the outside of the town and found a mine field that had not previously been there.  As Carter, Grant, Henry and Allison continued investigating they figured out that items from 1947 were being pulled into 2010, but in the same location they were at in 1947. After Grant collapsed they figured out that Grant was the magnet that was drawing the items through time. Henry realized that when he and Grant had turned on the time bridge engine it had caused Grant to become the magnet.

Allison and Henry came up with a plan to purge Grant if the energy that was making him the magnet. However, this also meant that he would be staying here as it would align him with 2010. Grant said ok and after a small amount trial and error they managed to save Grant and stop the random items from appearing.

Grant decided to send the time bridge device away. Better to not have anyone mess with it at all. Fargo convinced Claudia to take the device to Warehouse 13 to keep it safely stored away and tell Artie she soloed her first artifact find.

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Fargo: One day of getting to look like I know what I am doing, is that too much to ask for?
Carter: Evidently.

Claudia: This is Eureka, I was kind of hoping to see something insanely weird.
Carter: Consider yourself lucky.