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We opened in a cold Eureka with Sherriff Carter going into Café Diem’ and finding some kids stranded there for Christmas break. He offers to tell them the story of the first time he got stuck in Eureka at Christmas and they begrudgingly agree to listen.

Carter then goes on to tell the story of when he got stuck and it was over 80 degrees out. He and Zoe were trying to go to their family and when they got to the edge of the EM shield it was malfunctioning and nothing could pass through.

As the day went on Carter learned that Taggart was trying to unravel the mysteries of Santa Claus including designing a sleigh that looked to be pulled by reindeer and a shrinking ray that would allow Santa to carry all the presents and then re expand them when he got to where he was going.

Come to find out the shrinking ray had been used by Vincent on his fruitcake and when Vincent used it, the machine malfunctioned and was actually shrinking the entire town. Taggart, Henry and Dr. Drummer figured out they needed to shrink a crystal at GD and then explode it in the upper area of the EM shield to return things to normal.

The shrinking went successfully, Taggart and Carter used his sleigh to fly up and explode the crystal. The exploding crystal started expanding everything back to normal and in doing so removed the heat so that it began snowing in town.

While the kids were not sure they believed the story, they thanked Sherriff Carter and seemed to have enjoyed themselves. 

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Taggart: I am going to need a little helper.
Carter: I am not wearing a pointy hat.

Fargo: Maybe someone outside of Eureka will see how small we are and try to help us?
Jo: Like who? Oh, like a big-hearted elephant?