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The episode opened with the Astraeus crew having just 7 hours until launch. As the crew worked for final preparations of the launch, Jack, Jo, and Allison had to deal with some weird singularities that were popping up around town.

Henry and Allison figured out that they could use some energy rods to trap the singularities around the lake. However, once trapped there, they became one big singularity, otherwise known as a black hole. Carter had to deliver an anti-mater bomb without being sucked in and it force the singularity to collapse.

With an hour to Launch Allison told Jack she wanted to move in with him and went to get the crew settled for their launch. Just as she finished, the ship locked down the doors and the countdown clock accelerated. Jack tried venting the coolant for the launch reactor as that would force the reactor to shut down. 

However, the reactor had enough energy and with Allison trapped on board the FTL drive activated, but Henry pointed out that the coordinates had changed and they didn’t know where they went… yet.

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Dr Fargo, are you suggesting we join the billion-mile high club?


Jack: I've always been a "leap blindly" kind of guy
Allison: Really, like the 4 years it took you to ask me out?