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The episode opened with the crew having 7 days until the Astraeus launch. As they equipment was being stacked to go onto the ship there was a malfunction and the FTL pad was activating. Andy and Jack were getting people out of the way and at the last second Andy knocked Jack out of the way and was teleported to Titan.

While the team scrambled to try and figure out how to get Andy back from Titan, things around Eureka found themselves melting including a cow, Jack’s jeep, and large parts of SARAH and GD. With Taggart’s help, Jack figured out that his genetically altered bats were creating waste that reacted with Xylene and that was creating an acid.

Figuring out what was causing the melting, Henry and the team were able to make repairs and get Andy back from Titan before he was damaged beyond repair. While the Cow and Jeep were not recoverable, all the other affected items were able to be fixed including SARAH who was very happy to have Andy back. 

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Holly: The first person should be a woman.
Fargo: You're playing the girl card?
Holly: You guys got the moon, we should get Titan. It's even steven!

Nothing says good morning like a jar of cow.